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Welcome to Bridge Communications, where we take your video to the next level. Providing the video production Washington DC depends on, we help our clients produce the high-quality video that is seen on television and the Internet. From lighting and makeup to filming, editing and distributing, we are among the leading media companies in Washington DC. Our work speaks for itself, check out a selection of some of our videos.

Bridge Communications brings together a team that has more than 70 years of technical and creative experience and has more than 25 years specifically in video production. We have full in-house capabilities, and our videos garnered more than one million views, across multiple channels, over the past year. How many Washington DC production companies can say that?

Incorporating Social Media

While many video production companies Washington DC offers can create some great video, are they able to guide on what to do with it next? To produce not only the highest quality products but make them work hard for you, you need a full-service company that knows how to present your video to the right channels.

These days, your media needs to be adaptable for the numerous screens we see, from television to desktop computers to smartphone displays. If you want to reach people in their daily lives, you must be able to reach them wherever they are, and at any time. If you’ve heard terms like multichannel and omnichannel in conversations lately, our products and services can help. Working through networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and so many more, we assist you in sharing your message with your target audience in an effective manner.

Preparing for Production

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Similarly to how we help you share your video after it’s created, our Washington DC video production company provides direction in the earliest stages of creating the product. We work on scripting, locations, the studio and the actual filming. Lights, makeup, relevant hardware and software and more ensure that the finished product is something that puts you in the best light possible. This is where our experience comes in incredibly handy.

Every client we have is different, and the perfect video for one might be all wrong for another. For this reason, we take the time to get to know you as well as we can and develop a plan that will represent your brand accurately and with a mind to your goals.

Sticking to the Parameters

Bridge Communications understands the importance of completing your project on time and within budget. Even the greatest video product can’t work well for you if it’s too late or breaks the bank. Your specific parameters are taken into account as much as your goals and ideals when it comes to lighting, etc. Never hesitate to come to us with your concerns about these aspects of your work.

Get in Touch

When you’re ready to get started with Bridge Communications, the leading videographer Washington DC, reach out to us. We include a simple contact form on our website, where you can send inquiries and questions to our team. You may also reach us by phone, email, fax or by stopping by the office.

Don’t trust your video productions to just anyone. Bridge Communications has the experience, skill and connectivity you need to get your message to your target audience and keep it working for you across all platforms and for the long haul.

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